0.1.1 Patch - Reworked Landing Gear

Version 0.1.1 has just been released!

The focus of this patch was to update the landing gear. For a great many little technical reasons that have been adding up over the years, I've been wanting to write my own simplified wheels specialized to my use case. Not wanting to build in more workarounds and hacks for the current WheelCollider based wheels, I've finally gone and done it.

I've put together a short video showing off the new landing gear. From the player's perspective, the planes should be easier to handle on the ground, but otherwise not too different. From the development perspective, this makes it much easier for me to add new features to the landing gear such as damage or cool little visual effects.

The other feature new in this patch is the Reset Plane key. The new landing gear allows the player to get stuck on the ground with the gear down. With no real way to reset the game or end your sortie right now, I added this little debug feature to help people out.



- Hold R key to reset the plane if it gets stuck on the ground
- Ground handling should be smoother and more responsive
- When landing gear are raised, there are no more invisible wheels under the plane
- Landing gear cannot be lowered if there is no clearance

Bug Fixes

- Boats now turn and stay in their spawn area instead of sailing off into the ocean
- Corvettes near spawn no longer sail under Sabre Island
- Wake effect on some Gunboats no longer renders above the boat


Tiny Combat Arena 0.1.1 - DD27.zip 38 MB
Jul 14, 2019

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