0.4.0: Map Visual Overhaul and Groups

Hello again, it's time for another demo day build! This demo period, most of the work was spent on behind the scenes functionality and the map. Going forward, this will allow for much more robust map design in terms of enemies, and builds towards more longer-term gameplay as the map evolves between sorties.

Major new features for this release:

  • Map Visual Overhaul: The map is now much easier to read and much less glitchier. Airfields and aircraft groups have easily visible and selectable icons.
  • Aircraft Groups: The group system is the foundation for dynamically spawned units. Groups allow for formations of aircraft (and eventually ground vehicles) be interact with the items on the map.
  • Capturable Airfields: Destroying priority targets associated with an airfield allow for the player to capture an airfield. Once captured, they can re-arm and sortie from this airfield. It may also provide other bonuses such as defensive fighters.

There’s many, many more changes beyond that, but these are the most important ones. A full changelog can be found below.

Thank you all for the support, it’s been invaluable in keeping this project going.


  • Camera can be zoomed in with a toggle button on Z or D-Pad up on the gamepad
  • Airfields and aircraft groups appear on the map
  • Visual on map for which airbase is selected as home base
  • Group system for dynamically spawning aircraft formations and drawing them on map
    • Groups can spawn based on parent airfield
    • Groups can be manually placed and persistently destroyed
    • Area spawners for groups will dynamically create groups every sortie
    • Aircraft outside of "player bubble" are aggregated and abstracted
    • Aircraft will loiter around anchor point (e.g. airfield they are protecting)
  • New CAPTURABLE airfield on the island
  • Destroying the priority targets around the airfield changes airfield to yours
  • Cannot sortie from or re-arm on hostile airfields
  • Capturing Hori Airfield will provide several defensive fighters
  • Added AGM-65 Maverick (single rail) to F-20
  • Several buildings added
  • Fuel tank building is destructable


  • Total rework of map rendering visuals
  • Moved sun so that it would move east/west if it moved instead of north/south
  • Beefed up defense for Ibis to be 2 planes + Reimu
  • AS30 missile can be carried on Jaguar centerline hardpoint for 3 total A-G missiles
  • Message ticker easier to read while in flight
  • F-20 hardpoints slightly spaced out to prevent clipping of weapons
  • Renamed "MiG-21F-13" to "MiG-21"
  • Longer wing trails
  • Updated Rewired to 1.1.29.U2019

Bug Fixes

  • Missile lock warning should not play after death
  • Removed obsolete label message when K is pressed


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Jan 06, 2020

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could i leave a suggestion? if so, i think a point system for the weapons would be good, on sortie you have 0 points, but for every kill, you get a point, and that point can be used to get 1 additional weapon. I don't know if you can add this, but if so it would make the game more challenging.