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A project that began on a dare, Corvette Jam was a challenge to make a game of some kind within only a week. Really, the challenge was to make a game at all, but I felt I needed a deadline in order to force me to actually release something playable.

This is the Special Edition of the original jam game. There were a lot of features and especially content that had to be cut short to put out the original jam game. This version of the game is with an additional week of polish and content, and close to my original vision of this small game.


  • Fly a space corvette with two mouse aimed turrets
  • 4 different weapons: Cannon, Shotgun, Flak, Grenades
  • Fight through waves of enemies to set a high score
  • 3 enemy ship types: Fighters, Corvettes, and the Frigate, each with their own flying styles and weapons
  • All ships are physics driven through forces and balanced with PID machines

Special Edition Features:

  • Sound effects for everything from guns to explosions
  • Music for the main menu and several tracks during gameplay
  • Greatly improved target marker visuals that are much less intrusive
  • Pause screen with a mouse sensitivity slider
  • Updated effects for almost everything in the game
  • 4 new enemy ships (Heavy Fighter, Bomber, Gun and Brawler Corvettes)


The ship is very straightforward to fly. It's more like a tank that can go up/down than a space ship.

  • WASD - Move in the horizontal
  • Space/L.Ctrl - Move in the vertical
  • 1/2/3/4 - Weapon select keys
  • Left Mouse Button - Fire Guns
  • Right Mouse Button - Zoom

The majority of sounds are from free and royalty free sound banks. Many of the weapon sound effects are from a sound library I bought. There's a couple of sound effects that came Freelancer (ship engines), and a couple Modern Warfare 2 sounds that got mixed with other sound effects to make them more sci-fi sounding. Music is by Musmus.


Install instructions

Extract the zip to a location of your choosing. Run the CorvetteJamV3.exe inside the CorvetteJam V3 folder to start the game.


Corvette Jam Special Edition V4.zip 34 MB

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