Corvette Jam Special Edition Released!

The final version of Corvette Jam is now available for download!

This is the Special Edition of the original jam game. There were a lot of features and especially content that had to be cut short to put out the original jam game. This version of the game is with an additional week of polish and content, and close to my original vision of this small game. 

Special Edition Features:

  • Sound effects for everything from guns to explosions
  • Music for the main menu and several tracks during gameplay
  • Greatly improved target marker visuals that are much less intrusive
  • Pause screen with a mouse sensitivity slider
  • Updated effects for almost everything in the game
  • 4 new enemy ships (Heavy Fighter, Bomber, Gun and Brawler Corvettes)


Corvette Jam Special Edition 34 MB
Jun 14, 2017

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