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A project that began on a dare, Corvette Jam was a challenge to make a game of some kind within only a week. Really, the challenge was to make a game at all, but I felt I needed a deadline in order to force me to actually release something playable.

While a lot of content and features had to be cut to meet the deadline, the mechanics are there and the end result is a playable game. A game that was made in one week, and a project I'm still proud of completing and ended up being more fun to actually play than I was expecting.

I really do feel like with a only a couple days spent purely on content and polish, without writing in any new features at all, this could actually be a decent game.

Update: I released a version of this game with one week extra of polish and content development dubbed Corvette Jam Special Edition


  • Fly a space corvette with two mouse aimed turrets
  • 4 different weapons: Cannon, Shotgun, Flak, Grenades
  • Fight through waves of enemies to set a high score
  • 2 types of AI piloted ships: Fighters and the Frigate, each with their own flying styles and weapons
  • All ships are physics driven through forces and balanced with PID machines


The ship is very straightforward to fly. It's more like a tank that can go up/down than a space ship.

  • WASD - Move in the horizontal
  • Space/L.Ctrl - Move in the vertical
  • 1/2/3/4 - Weapon select keys
  • Left Mouse Button - Fire Guns
  • Right Mouse Button - Zoom

Middle mouse  will also lock/unlock mouse. This isn't actually a feature, it's a leftover debug option.

Due to time constraints there are no graphics or control options. There isn't a mouse sensitivity slider. Sorry about that.

You'll have to either X out of the window, die, or use Alt-F4 to quit because I didn't have time to implement a pause screen while the game is going.

Install instructions

Extract the zip to a location of your choosing. Run the CorvetteJamV3.exe inside the CorvetteJam V3 folder to start the game.


CorvetteJam V3.zip 17 MB

Development log


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This is awesome! What do you use for the bloom effect? I tried with the standard Unity one but It wasn't really working.

(2 edits)

It's the bloom that's in the Post Processing Stack. It has an official release now, you can download it on the Asset Store for free. It's by Unity themselves. It's great for a lot of stuff besides the bloom. Hopefully they include it in future Unity builds so you don't have to download it and more people know about it.

Oh ok, I was looking at that earlier. I decided to spend the money and buy Sonic Ether's bloom. It works really well! Thanks for the help anyways.

His bloom is really good and I think better looking and more controllable than the post processing stack one. It's probably the best thing I've bought on the Asset Store. Main reason I've been trying to move to using the stock stuff is just to reduce dependencies on third parties. 

Would love to change mouse sensitive but otherwise it's a really cool game. Good job :)

I'll actually be releasing a "Special Edition" this weekend with some polish, including a mouse sensitivity slider.