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can we get the do 31 too?

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is there a 32 bit version

EDIT: Nevermind

um the textures are broken, is it just mine or is i t happining to evrey one


You'll have to give more info than that. A screenshot would help too. If you're seeing pink textures everywhere (guessing), what are your computer specs and are your graphics drivers up to date?


im using a dualshock controller with ds4windows and for some reason game doesnt know what to do with it

well that did not embed

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I just tested with my own DS4 using DS4Windows and it worked fine. Do you have other controllers connected to your computer that might also be sending input to the game? I know when I have my throttle connected and it's pushed forward, it'll send erroneous input to most games, so I need to make sure all of its axes are zeroed out when playing anything.

would be nice if crashing into the water was possible haha great game btw took a while to learn but is awesome once you get the hang of it

Ok so I played the game and there was no sound. Also I got stuck. I made a Youtube on your game. The graphics are cool at least

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If you lowered the throttle, you could have righted yourself. With the throttle maxed as it was, you were basically pushing yourself into the ground. You're not missing anything with the sound. There is no sound.

Ok Thanks!

Have you considered supporting keyboard and mouse? The current keyboard operation  is not good

I considered it, but I didn't want to spend the time for a quick one-off game. I was already doing a lot of experimental stuff with the controls (i.e. Unity's new Input System) and didn't want to add more complexity on top of that.

Did you make all models by yourself?

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The terrain is from LMH Low Poly's terrain pack. I highly recommend it and use it for a ton of projects because they look good and are so versatile. Every other model, I made myself in Blender.

Great job! Thanks for your advice, I'll check it


Looks great! Since you're not planning to do anything with it further, are you willing to make it open-source for others to build upon it?

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I think the flight model I probably will at some point, since I really like it and is so self-contained it's ported pretty much 1:1 from its test project. Pretty much all the other mechanical parts of the game, such as the weapons, are sourced almost verbatim from my own GitHub.

The game as a whole actually feels like a decent start for a future (if simple) product, so I'm hesitant to just open source the entire thing. People would also have to purchase Shapes (which I highly recommend either way), since this game makes heavy use of it.

That said, I know people have done some pretty wild things with reverse engineering and hacking stuff into Unity games recently. As long as they don't profit off it, I have no qualms with sufficiently motivated people doing that and expanding the game that way.

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No sound in this version, which is a little disappointing. Flying seems very slow but perfectly responsive. Controller support works great with my PS4 controller, but the keyboard control scheme is very lacking. Also missing the ability to control the camera, which can be frustrating when searching for targets.

Looking forward to further versions with less restrictions! A very promising game that I'm very excited for.

I updated the game to support a free look with the right thumbstick. That is probably the last feature I'll add to the game, as I don't plan on continuing development.

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This is great to see. I was excited at the prospect of the Harrier entering Tiny Combat, so I'll be sure to try this out to see what it feels like!

Having played it, very promising, a little hard to pick up the controls at first, and a little strange to see a harrier with torpedoes (did it ever carry them in real life?) but still beautiful

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The Harrier cannot carry torpedoes in real life! At least, not to my knowledge. My main inspiration for this, Wings of Fury, has them and I thought it would be fun to add in even if it's not realistic. This game is full of weird ahistorical stuff to begin with (Flower corvettes in the same game as a Sea Control Ship?), so it doesn't stand out too much I think.