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i have a problem. I would love to try out the game but i can't, i have downloaded the game but if i press play it won't work. it will load like Tiny Combat Arena but it won't start up. is this a problem you can solve?

kind regards

Edit: is this because its old and outdated by now?


the codes in github are these yours a if they are do you give me the permisio

I would buy whole framework from you for my pet project, excellent

There's a bunch of stuff on GitHub that you might find useful.

I know, I am interested in full pack though


I would like to see full source code of this game for educational purposes. No other flight sim is this much fun i bet. Can you please give or sell source code to me? I am a passionate gamer, programmer

Kind Regards

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I cannot, but on my GitHub is a lot of tech that came out of this game. The most important of which is the flight physics.  See this repository for the flight mechanics. There are plenty of other things you might find useful on my GitHub page.

[ Bug Report ]

At first launch, after the Unity3D logo pops out, game freezes and an automatic (and generic) crash allert message appears.
At this link you can find an automatically generated directory containg  some logs (also about my system specs) and a .dump file: Tiny Combat Crash Report

Thanks for the attention and your work!

Based on the crashlog I'm guessing that your Intel HD Graphics 3000 either doesn't support DX11 or doesn't play nicely with your hardware. Unfortunately, there's really not much I can do to fix this right now, you (or anybody) will need a dedicated and modern GPU to play this.

Just In case you may, in the future, have time to find a solution, I would point out that my Intel HD3000 graphics card is actually DirectX11/OpenGL 3.3  compatible,  driver version is, and also, 99% of Unity3D engine powered games published on and that I've tried up to now (hundreds), which require DX11 support aren't affected by this problem.

Anyway, thanks for your time and your work!

Very cool. Love the sounds! Where did you get them from?


Very nice Ace Combat & HAWX feel~ Wish you can develop further in such system or probably sell the framework on asset store.

The flying part is honestly simple enough that at some point I'll probably just upload it to GitHub. The missile guidance is already on GitHub

I'd love you to share it

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Here are the flight physics on GitHub

Thank you for this very first demo!! Sure, it is early version, but basic fun is in! :)

Will try to figure out, can I use some re-mapper, emulator, to fly it with flightstick. And, for very casual sessions - mouse steering is a must. I hate gamepads :) Have them, but just for reasons if nothing else works :)

love it but the controlles are hard and it need a menue. and multiplayer would be fun