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When I play the game, the camera is in an overhead position, and when I minimize the game or defocus it the view goes to the forward view. I think it's because the game thinks I have the window minimized when It isn't. It doesn't happen for anything else. 

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i only get the overhead view

but if i press windows it goes to the normal view

hey man i wanted to know how i can suport the game if you acept a man who can help you i have basic understantion of blender 3d modelation and if i can help you with something i will do it for free, i really like fly sims and the dogfightd sims are my favourite 

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Thank you! Right now I'm not looking for models, but if I did, here's a very rough list of the kinds of planes I'm looking for. Please don't spend any time working on something right now though, as again I don't need models right now.

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Sorry, no mac version.

Capable to run on a toaster! 

Cool game, neat and simple.

This feels great! Also would buy the whole system if you go with it on Unity assetstore.

Thanks! A lot of the little elements that make up the game can be found for free on my GitHub. Releasing things on the asset store is a hassle.

understood -it's just alot of us here as mere artists with limited programming knowledge :) still, great work -and I love the style

:) Keep tracking your progress