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This past weekend I wanted to take a break from working on Tiny Combat to prepare myself for the inevitable stressful crunch of the upcoming release. This little thing features a bunch of of recent idle ideas and practice building a game structure/framework along with associated UI.

  • Working main menu with settings
  • Working pause menu to pause, continue, and return to main menu
  • Select different flagships from the new game option
  • Flagships can be named whatever the player wants, with the name written on the hull
  • Flagships can warp between points of interest in a star system
  • Points of interest contain encounters that appear when the player arrives
  • The player can disembark from the flagship while at an encounter and fly with a unique control scheme
  • A lot of different HUD elements and UI

I think what's most impressive about this is how much of an actual working game framework this is, able to go between all these "real game" states and things like the main menu, pause, various states during the actual game, being able to return to the main menu, and even a loading screen when something is loading in. That's the hard stuff. The stuff that everybody takes for granted.

Makes heavy use of the Modern UI Pack, which I highly recommend.

There are no plans to develop this further.

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please make your game in Linux also :)

nice work, keep going! it looks so amazing with no textures

add the abilty to build
you shouldv'e know someone was going to ask and on that note build space stations to

another why485 game being unlisted or have undefined or unreadable build

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Oops, I forgot to set the build to Windows for the itch.io app. It should download correctly in the app now.

Oh this looks neat, thank you!

Thank You for all your work, and sharing! Also - file size on this is amazing! :-)

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Thanks! It's so nice not thinking about textures 😂

haha, yeah I know what you mean... ;-)