Updated FAQ - New Vision

Is my favorite plane going to be flyable in the game?

If your favorite plane is the AV-8B Harrier II, good news! The AV-8B is the only planned flyable aircraft for the released game. There are no other aircraft planned to be flyable for release. Narrowing it down to one plane lets me focus on making the whole rest of the game as opposed to continually adding new planes to fly around in an empty tech demo

Will there be more flyable planes added in the future?

Probably! Just don't expect them for a long time. I'd like to focus on actually making a game first, so they would be post-release at the earliest.

Does the game support Track IR?

It will support TrackIR for the views where it makes sense.

Will the game support VR?

There is no VR support planned for release. VR support is extremely non-trivial and adds a lot of complexity to every aspect of the game. Not supporting it will allow me to actually release something. That said, I'm trying my best to not write anything that would prevent VR support from being added later on down the line.

Ultrawide Support?

Everybody seems to have different, and sometimes conflicting, definitions for what this even means, but I can say that the game won't self-destruct when you pick an ultra-wide resolution. I'm interested in hearing from you what you consider "ultrawide support" to be.

Does the game have joystick/HOTAS support?

Like any classical flight simulator, the game will have rebindable controls so you should be able to set up any peripherals you like. In general, the game is meant to be pretty configurable in terms of control styles.

Do I need a joystick to play?

No. I want to keep the game accessible, so alternative control schemes such as different mouse driven modes, and basic gamepad support, will be available.

Can I fly/drive vehicles other than planes?

While the game will feature ground vehicles and rotary wing aircraft, there are no plans for them to be directly controllable by the player.

Can I mod the game?

I certainly won't stop you! However there are no current plans for an official modding SDK or official modding support. As a former modder and somebody who honestly wouldn't be here if it weren't for modding, it's something dear to my heart and I really want to try to make at least some part of the game moddable, but when using an engine like Unity, that is a very big ask, and counter to how packaged off the shelf engines like this (including Unreal) are meant to be used.

Will there be multiplayer?

Don't hold your breath.

Will the game be available on Steam?

I plan to have the game available on Steam some time before the end of the year, but that does not necessarily mean it will be purchasable. More information on this will come as announced.

Are there cockpits?

Any flyable plane in the game will have a 3D cockpit and working HUD. The cockpits are not meant to be high fidelity replicas of the real planes, but rather simplified and streamlined versions of them suited to the game's mechanics. They will still look like the real planes, but buttons, gauges, and displays might be shifted around so that you have all the information you need from the default forward view.

Are the cockpits clickable?

Tentatively no, but it's something I plan on investigating later on.

Is this game realistic?

It's not a full fidelity hardcore flight simulator, but it's also not an arcade flight action game. It's somewhere in between. I'd like to capture the mechanics of real life air combat and mud moving that make it interesting and add depth, but without getting so bogged down in details that you need to read a 600 page manual to figure out how to do anything.

What will you do in the game?

Early versions of the game will feature a traditional instant action quick mission builder style interface for creating very simple scenarios to futz about in. However, this is only the beginning. Details on the "Arena" mode will be announced as release draws closer, but if you've played the older demos of the game, that should give you some idea of the direction it's going.

Where/When is the game set?

I don't have a concrete answer to this yet, but the best I can say right now is that 1985 is the extreme upper limit which means modern equipment such as 5th generation fighters will not be in the game.

Can I contribute models to the game?

This gets asked surprisingly often, but I am not currently accepting models for the game.

Will there be a Mac/Linux version of the game?

There are no plans for a Mac or Linux release.

Will there be a version for mobile devices?


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I think you should also add bombers to the game, their priority tasks is destroying airfields when the priority targets are destroyed, and also add bombs to the game : 100 poud bombs to 1000 pound bombs 

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I think you should add a multiplayer feature in the future, being able to at least play with friends would be nice! You could also make it where players host their own server so you won't have to buy any servers. Also it would be nice to have generated maps so that playing repeatedly doesn't get old/boring.

It's really difficult to make a single-player game into a multi-player game, if you didn't write the code for it initially. It's far easier to emulate single-player in a multi-player engine. Either way, multi-player is a heck of a lot of development.

Would love to see the game come to Mac, I wouldn't care if it ended up costing money, I really look forward to the chance of actually being able to play the game instead of just watching it.

Are you going to support Linux?

Will you have a patreon? You will need the money for good models. I love the game. Or discord so I can join and stay updated

i'm pretty sure he makes the model

Will be there another MiGs?

will there be some kind of launcher for the game? i kinda dont like redownloading the game everytime an update comes ou

You can already use the itch.io launcher, and eventually it'll be on Steam.