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Last updated: Sept 23 2019

Will there be a story mode?

The game is built around the “arena” concept where the player is put into an open world and are free to use the planes and equipment at their disposal to take on enemies and dangerous locations spread around the map. There are no plans for a traditional campaign style story mode with cutscenes and missions.

Is the game an open sandbox?

For the most part. However, there are plans to offer the player obvious goals to achieve around the map, along with weapons and planes to unlock by completing various objectives. The progress a player makes on that map will be persistent to that save.

How realistic is the game meant to be?

Its mechanics are heavily inspired by how real life aircraft, weapons, and avionics operate, but takes liberties to streamline it, make it accessible, and take only the parts that add meaningful gameplay and depth.  It is not meant to be a hardcore simulation where you need to study a manual to learn how to start up a plane, but it is also not so simple that you can pull 30G at mach 2 while carrying over a hundred missiles.

For example, aircraft will have realistically limited loadouts, requiring the player to think ahead about what they plan to accomplish in their sortie, and the type of enemies they expect to face. Sensors do not provide a perfect view of the battlefield, and a missile’s energy state must be taken into account when launching and evading missiles.

Will the game have multiplayer?

Unfortunately with the resources available there are no plans for a multiplayer mode on release.

Will the game feature modding?

It is being kept in mind, but it’s too early to make a call on this. Speaking personally, I value modding quite highly, but it remains to be seen how feasible it will be.

Is my favorite plane going to be in the game?

The planes and technology of the game are generally based around the Cold War era of aviation, along with a healthy mix of “what ifs” based on designs that in real life never entered service. The more your favorite plane was around between the mid 50s to the late 70s, the more likely it is to appear in the game.

Where/When does the game take place?

The setting is not our Earth with our history. Expect real planes and semi-realistic mechanics, but the countries, factions, and history to be different. This allows for more flexibility in building the game.

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