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The game its great! but it have some issue.

Every time i sortie, the game lag more and more.

Maybe its a bug or my computer just can't handle it.

Plss fix this issue i want to play the game again, but with no lag

Hi, I can't seem to get my joystick to work in game?

Your game is great! So simple yet so fun! I played war thunder so I love the control system, also I'm a pilot in real life and can say it's really well made! I hope you will keep developing it and make improvements! :D  Small suggestions I can give you are to implement the option for fuel management, cockpit view with working instruments and some other airplane models (please add an F104 and G91!) keep it up!! :)

hii just dowload your game and i have a lot of fun, this project have a lot of potential and im sur that the community can help the devellopment, i have few idea for the game and i dont know where i can expose them, so i do this here :)

Maybe add some planes for exemple a A-10, rafale etc, idk if its possible but maybe make helicopter, add some feature like open the map in game (idk if its already possible but i didnt found the key XD) make torpedo for boat and night day cycle and some weather elements, light on the plane and on the airfield, landing gear animation, maybe make a color customisation of our plane. Make a aircraft carrier capturable where we have to destoy the protection fleet to capture it, upgrade the map with cities biom. Make bomb for cities ground attack

add a first personn cockpit view and even a optionnal fuel managment 

And can you make taht the altimetre the instrument that show us our altitude show the real altitude and no the sea level ?

Bye and good luck with youre developement 



i've just got the game and its A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, seriously. 

i see why people would like fuel managment, but if you add that into the game, please give it a option (limited fuel/unlimited fuel et.)

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I just found out about your game and tbh it's really great, as a fan of war thunder and dcs i am drawn to this kind of content.
I encouterred some issues with the binding of controls, I have an AZERTY keyboard so the controls are quite unconfortable (even if the mouse aim helps).I tried to bind it in the launcher but without success, modifications dont seems to be taken into account...
Edit . you can switch to qwerty with Alt+Maj and it work with the game :).

I noticed a small bug that put the throttle back to 0 each time I pause the game.

thank you for your work and good luck for the developpemet of your game.

The real game will have rebindable controls.

i love this even tho i played it for a couple of hours it has simple gameplay and  graphics so that pretty much anyone with a computer can play it,tho i have somethings to say it would be great if you would add options to tweak some stuff for example not being able to set a timer to delete destroyed planes that can slow down a computer a lot maybe being able to modify your hud or to change feet in meters ecc. other than that i love this game.

sorry if i made some errors i am not english

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Thanks to bluedrake,  I discovered a nice game to waste my time on.
Also, nice touhou references

The game looks awesome but what about this?

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Very strange. I'll look into this. I'm inclined to say it's a false positive, as I just tested a bunch of other random Unity games and most of them turned up with 1-2 virus scanners showing something.


Everything I can find points to it being a false positive. I notice that it detects a different "virus" too depending on if I build in 32 bit or 64 bit. It seems like a heuristic anti-virus found something in the Unity build that kind of looks like a virus, but not necessarily is.

Thank you for the quick answer. Your game looks amazing but i am a bit paranoid when i download stuff, especially free games. Thanks for clearing it up. :)

i found a glitch. if you aim at an enemy with the rockets and it starts beeping, and you die, then the beep goes on even after death. it's really annoying tbh please fix

That's what War Thunder should be!
Hope you'll add fuel management, multiplayer and more crafts!

If you need a help with Unity/C# development, you can message me to, i'll be glad to work on this game




I just discovered your game yesterday and i have to say it'sabsolutely stunning.

I've tried almost any flight sims available from Tornado up to DCS, i work on professionnal simulators, i fly light aircrafts as a hobby and your game is the game i was waiting for.

Today flight sim games need too much time to tune and enjoy them. 

Here we have no steep learning curve, great low poly graphics and great playability in every detail.

I love it. And i saw a cockpit view is wip, I can't wait for it (imho you could avoid to animate the gauges, just add the hud and that's enough)

Just my 2 cents: 

Adding fuel management could be great.

Of course multiplayer mode would add another dimension but i understand it's a big step.

I'm a big fan, congrats!

Thank you for the feedback! I'm happy to see there are others out there looking for the same thing I am.

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Glorious flashbacks to early fligh sim games. Only THIS thing controls smoothly, looks slick and runs above 30Hz/5FPS.

As a fellow FSX/P3D/DCS/X-Plane etc pilot, I see how this can hit equally a younger "Indie"-audience (on Steam) and even the old flight simmers (who like 'fun').

As Peter Molyneux once said in a radio interview: "... after 10 minutes, nobody cares about 'graphics'"? Though, this looks 'good' to my old eyes.

> As a fellow FSX/P3D/DCS/X-Plane etc pilot, I see how this can hit equally a younger "Indie"-audience (on Steam) and even the old flight simmers (who like 'fun').

I think about this a lot. While the aesthetic is "pandering" to weirdos like me with nostalgia for old flight sims, I wonder if it could somehow attract a new or wider audience. Flight sims of old were much more accessible than the hardcore sims of today. That's something I'm trying really hard to capture by making the game as easy to play as possible (e.g. controls are easy to use and don't require a joystick, theoretically runs on potatoes, etc), without sacrificing meaningful gameplay depth.

Modern flight sims have sacrificed 'GAMEplay' for realism, especially in the graphics department.  If you can implement features like a campaign maybe, or just satisfying gameplay if not, (i.e. the things people are asking for in modern flight sims, that seem to have disappeared) then why not!

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If "Steam users" (=younger audiences, indie audiences) would be a commercial target:

A. Tutorial - just a few, short missions, learning controls ('start', landing', 'flying through rings', 'how to read instruments', 'how to deploy weapons') - a link to the already existing YT channel and videos would be enough?

B. Short Campaign - not more than just a bit of 'story' text & pictures between 'missions'. 'Missions' do not have to be more than a series of waypoints. the kind Ace Combat does. KISS² = Keep it Simple... & Short. A few hours of gameplay for the 10-15USD audience pocket?

C. Steam users will cry for "multiplayer" - it is unavoidable. Ignore? This is the most vocal crowd. They would generate more money on initial sale, but to double the work just to implement network code for those people, not to mention having to offer & maintain a server (or rather 'three' = US, Asia, Europe), etc - just for them, who will run away after 1-2 weeks to the next new shiny thing - I cannot see the value to justify the higher workload for a 'one-man-team'. But it is not up to me, to judge.

D. Full Gamepad support (menu) - for a potential console release, later? More pain now, big payoff later?

These suggestions are not 'yet another user's wishlist of features'. It's your game - not mine.
It is just one opinion on how to shape the game for selling it, or rather encouragement to find the wider audience and market window on the "Steam"-platform and/or XBOX/PS4 console release. Dev probably knows this way better than me.

There are already complex features implemented in these builds that go beyond a 'simple game', which thrills me, but may not match the kind of audience mentioned above.

I am saying nothing new here and to quote a famous American Philosoper: "Not every game is for everyone" (Shane Bettenhausen, Sony).

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I think some kind of tutorial is a must for the final game. Generally, you share a lot of the thoughts I have on the subject. Especially with all the recent attention the game is getting, and especially because most of it is from people who think this game is just War Thunder with meme graphics, I'm wary of backlash it will undoubtedly receive from people who don't get what they're expecting, no matter how much I try to tell them what the game actually is. The next demo is going to be an eventful one.

Dude this game rocks love that the missiles are even details wow cant wait for more content 1-10 i give it a 10 this game is really fun :D I really cant wait for more!

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Simplicity has it's own charm. Shooting low poly planes has never been more fun. Can't wait for more content!

P.S Please add metric units!

P.P.S It lags the more sorties I do. I guess I should get myself shot down less :p

I really like this game, its just great. I also have the new flight demo that was put out and love the VTOL. i like the gun boat that you can find around the map but i think a cool feature would be to add roads maybe to different military bases around the map with covoys with trucks and tanks (which fire back) that players can destroy using air to ground missiles. i feel like it's probably a lot, but i think it'd be cool. and maybe the tanks could take 2 missiles to destroy depending on warhead size? I also think that having clear missions/objectives for the player could be cool. stuff like Destroy Three Enemy Aircraft Within 40 Seconds or Capture an Airfield Only Using Guns.

and also i know this is long and the ideas may be hard to do but i really just like this game.  A lot.   :)   Great job!

Thank you! This is valuable feedback.

Hi Why485, I made a remix of Simplewings & Mouseflight

Absolutely stunning... I had started a prototype in the past with a similar idea got mired in systems and no real gameplay - this is a dream! 

I had started a prototype in the past with a similar idea got mired in systems and no real gameplay

This is always dangerous temptation for me, but this game is the furthest I've gotten with these kinds of things so I'm hopeful.


Just downloaded and played, was really fun with my ps4 controller!


Will there be a linux version?

There will not be, sorry.


Neither Mac OS X version?

I've been able to test it on Proton (Using Lutris, running just with Proton 4.11 and the latest version of DXVK), and it runs perfectly so far out of the box. So you can run it on Linux given you have Lutris.

Game crashes when i click sortie :(

Umm, I think this is a bug. Does this work in Win7? All the textures are vanta black

My guess is that Windows 7 is using an older Direct X version and there is no fallback shader for that situation. If that's the case, no the game does not support Windows 7.

I know i'm KINDA late but i play on win7 and i think it's not system's problem it's maybe you'r gpu(graphics card)go to this link see what pixel shader and vertex shader you have there is no tiny combat arena here but if you dowload detection.exe it will show you what pixel and vertex hader you have.HUUUH man i hope this helped you i just wasted like 10-20 minutes!!!


OMg the times fro. A-10 , Chuck Yeager Air Combat, F-15 strike eagle this looks awesome thanks!!! 


Excellent Game! I can see the potential of this cold war era war-thunder-like flight simulator once the physics and graphics are polished. Also this game remind me of the old days back playing Novalogic's F16 MRF on PC. Hope this game could be developed into a bigger one later. 

You are definitely in sync with what I'm aiming for, though expect the aesthetic to change next release to reflect a look that's more reminiscent of classic sims of the 90s.


Yeah if you are individual developer then poly aesthetics is the best! Let game mechanism be the most shiny characteristics!


Great game! Has come far since the last project. It's nice to see that it works so well; was impressed with being able to pan the camera beautifully while paused. Bouncing off boats was quite humorous. This is exactly the kind of game I like.

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