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NOTE: This game requires a gamepad/joystick as having it controllable by mouse defeats the purpose.

I put this together in a few hours to mock up a proposed joystick controlled gimbal solution in the Facepunch Star Citizen thread, but I think it's kinda neat and I'm happy for having done this so quickly.

Star Citizen has a constantly raging argument over how gimballed weapons should be handled for the mouse and joystick.

Is this an effective solution to the joystick gimballing problem? I don't think it is. It's a bit goofy, and suffers from the problems I thought it would. It doesn't really feel any better or more accurate, just different. I have a hard time saying this is the solution for joystick gimballing, but it is pretty novel and reminds me of the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade game. For better and worse.

However, I made this as a proof of concept so that whenever people bring this type of control solution up they can try it for themselves and have an informed opinion of what it actually feels like.