A downloadable asset pack for Windows

Ace Arcade Missiles is a free code and effects package for creating arcade style missiles in Unity3D. Features include:

  • Two kinds of guidance: Pure pursuit and Lead
  • Support for both Update and FixedUpdate based projects
  • Many tweakable missile parameters such as seeker cone, motor acceleration, and turn rate
  • Missiles can be set with a delayed activation to allow dropping before firing
  • Effects manager that handles both ribbon trails and particle system trails, as well as explosions
  • Spawned effects (trails and explosions) automatically clean themselves up
  • Audio is handled automatically when assigned an audio clip with adjustable parameters
  • Detailed documentation for reference
  • Two types of missile launchers: Pod and Hardpoint
  • Hardpoints can carry missiles externally, while pods launch from user defined tubes with reloadable magazines
  • Pack includes example effects for particle and ribbon trails, basic sound effects, and explosions

To download the asset pack itself, or if you'd like the download out the project and its source code, check out the Ace Arcade Missile github page.

This was built with Unity 5.6.2.


AceMissilesDemo.zip 11 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip to a location of your choosing. Run the AceArcadeMissilesDemo.exe inside the AceMissilesDemo folder to start the demo.